Frequently Asked Questions

Q What makes your Esporta Wash System better than ozone mist or disinfectant sprays?
A We try and compare it to the way you would wash your clothing. You do wash all of your filthy shirts, underpants, towels and socks in a machine with soap and water? Or do you just spray them like the way you would around your cat box? Our washing system (state of the art), combined with eco-friendly detergents (that washes that stink out without harming the earth), penetrates deep down into your gear using hydraulic pressure (awesome) and without any agitation (nothing can get damaged).

Q I need my son's team's hockey gear cleaned. They have practice tonight at 8pm in Mt. Vernon and they have a game tomorrow morning in Newburgh at 7am. Is it possible to have it back before their game?
A No problem, and with the team discount as well. See you before 9pm at the Ice Hutch for the pick-up. I'll drop it off at 5am in front of Center Ice Sports first thing in the morning.

Q How often should we get our gear Xtreme Cleaned?
A Every week….just kidding. We recommend at least once/twice a year. It really depends how often you use it. Are you on 1, 2, 3 teams? Do you play all year round? Do you sit on the bench, the back-up goalie, or play hard every game? Do you air it out after you use it, or leave it in your bag? All kidding aside, you be the judge. Our state-of-the-art system keeps it bacteria free and smelling fresh for months.

Any questions?
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